We've been working with Jordy since they completed our original office build-out in 2010.

On that occasion and every other one since then, they have been nothing but professional in every aspect. They’re flexible when we need them to be, on-time when they say they’ll be, and courteous on every front. We consider Jordy a great partner for our build-out and construction needs.

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The folks from Jordy Construction were a delight to work with.

They were responsive at all times, striking the right balance between offering expert advice and listening to our suggestions. The result was a project faithful to our original design — yet enhanced in several important and unexpected ways.

Ours was a challenging assignment: a young software company, rapidly bringing on new and talented employees that would need a creative and collaborative environment in which to work. Couple that with our firm’s strong credentials in design and you have a client with high expectations.

Jordy Construction exceeded those expectations: listening carefully, explaining thoroughly and solving the tough problems we placed before them — including the conscientious management of a variety of subcontractors. Jordy was always mindful of our budget constraints with results that even pleased our design team!

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