I want you to know Rusty Tims exemplifies the very best in professionalism, customer service and a can do attitude.

I know you usually get the phone calls when things go wrong and customers are unhappy just like I do, but I wanted to you to know what a stellar employee you have and how well he represents your company.

Mike Falzone, Hyatt Regency Convention Center Hotel


I would like to complement Ross on maintaining a positive working relationship between all members of the team,

this could have easily gone south due to the personalities involved. Rusty did a good job as well. The architects have told me they enjoyed working with both Ross and Rusty and would like to be involved with them as well as your company on future projects. Again, thanks and as always I look forward to working with your company in the future.

Mark Doehler, City of Aurora


I must tell you what a wonderful job Rob and your construction crew did for APDC.

The building is truly beautiful and we are so very happy with the results and with Jordy working hard to meet our timeline.  Charles, we look forward to growing our friendship in years to come and hope you will be at our side all the way.