Kirby Carter, Jordy Carter Head Furniture Guy / Principal
Kirby Carter
Head Furniture Guy / Principal

Kirby Carter is the Vice President of Jordy/Carter Furnishings and oversees all projects for the company.

Carter’s original role focused on sales and design where he gained extensive project management experience, particularly in health care and laboratory facilities. He has been in the office furniture industry for more than 30 years.

Under his leadership, Jordy Carter Furnishings has completed many projects for leading hospitals and healthcare organizations throughout the area. He has led major projects such as corporate headquarters, law firms, networking operating centers, laboratories and municipal facilities. Recently, his team finished the new Colorado Bureau of Investigation facility in Grand Junction at over $1million.

A Denver native, Carter graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School and is an active member of the community. He is an avid supporter of the charitable organization, Friends of Man.

Carter graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Interior Design degree.